Truth is, I didn’t expect to get this attached to you.
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Fuck. Of course Clint would have to insist. Gabriel sighed, staring at nothing in particular for a while and trying to put off answering for as long as he could.

Clint stepped forward, crowding Gabriel until the angel was against the wall and Clint was standing in front of him. “Gabriel, I swear to god if you don’t tell me I will punch you again.” He was worried about him, okay? And maybe his worry came out in anger sometimes.

"I…" Gabriel was thrown off by Clint’s aggressiveness, but that didn’t mean he was exactly happy with the idea of spilling his guts. He didn’t really feel like getting punched in the face again though so, after a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke again, his voice barely above a whisper. "My mate left me, ok?"

Clint wasn’t sure what he was expecting. Honestly, he thought it was going to be something stupid. That’s why he was so mad, but it turned out to be something important and now he felt like an ass.

He might not have spent that much time around angels, but he also knew things.

The archer sighed, the anger bleeding out of him and worry and concern was clear. “Shit. I’m sorry, Gabe.” He said finally.

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Steve stiffened in an almost blind panic when the archer grabbed him. He blinked several times when he was released and took a staggering step back. "I... uh... what?"



Clint laughed, good mood still firmly in tact. “What, was that the first kiss you’ve had since the 40s?” His words echoing a similar sentence when Natasha kissed him. “Because I would be happy to take that title too.”

Steve was still tense and he was watching Clint carefully, not sure what to make of this sudden shift. “Hardly…” he managed, smirking a bit when he recognized the question Natasha had used on him. “You wish you could be so lucky, Robin Hood.”

"Pet names? It’s like you’re a whole different person, Cap." Unoriginal, he knew, but he liked calling him that. It was better then his name in his honest opinion.

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(For surprise kiss meme) Lucifer blinks in shock for a second before he shakes his head with a fond smile, "And here I thought you hated me."



"Yeah, and only you thought I hated you." Clint mumbled, stepping back from the angel. He felt more then a little guilty for kissing Lucifer, mostly because he had moved on and was sort of, pretty much already married.

Lucifer stiffened at the reminder, “Oh, yes, because I didn’t casually disregard personal boundaries and read your mind I was suddenly supposed to know this.”  He had worked on blocking Clint’s voice out of his head, tried to stop him from hearing Clint’s prayers so he would not be tempted to return.

"Or you ignored my fucking prayers." Clint instantly got defensive, taking another step back from him. "Like a god damn coward.” He didn’t mean to get so angry, but it was Lucifer, who had left him. Who had been gone for years and hadn’t helped him in the slightest. Not when he asked, not when he begged, just let him be.

And he hated him for that.

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Clint didn’t get to see Harvey in the morning before the hearing, but he saw him about five minutes before they were supposed to appear. He looked more or less alright, if not a little tired. “Happy hearing day.” He said with a smirk, ignoring how his guards were looking more or less annoyed at him.

"We’ve got this in the bag right?" He asked, quieter then before. He looked nervous, but at the same time he trusted Harvey. It was a precarious position to be in, this whole thing.

Harvey grinned at the mock holiday greetings and gave the disgruntled guards a nod. “Happy Hearing day. As far as I can tell, yes. The prosecutor and I have both already spoken with the judge in champers so in theory I know how this’ll play out. I just need you to stay calm, speak when spoken to, answer the judge’s questions, and most importantly, trust me.”

If he couldn’t then their plan was shot to hell already.

"What are they going to ask me?" Clint asked nervously, not really looking at Harvey now. "Because if anyone asks me about that whole thing before the Manhattan Battle I might either have a panic attack or get more then a little defensive." He admitted. He didn’t really need to specify what he meant either because it was all out there. People knew what he did and he hated it. He didn’t even know why it happened.





Kate smiled, tilting her head. “We should.” Taking one of his hands in both of hers, she squeezed gently. “Where do you wanna go then, hmm? Anywhere you want.”

"Somewhere warm." Clint said after a moment, looking at their clasped hands. "Somewhere where’s there’s so much stuff that you forget you actually have a life going for you somewhere else.”

Kate smiled, thinking for a moment. “How a bout… a small island, hmm? With waterfalls and beaches and no Tracksuits. Just us and Lucky and coffee and sleeping in.” 

Clint chuckled. “Yeah, that sounds awesome. Can you even make that happen though? I know you’re great and sort of rich and all…” The thought was definitely exciting. He needed a holiday badly.

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"I would if I could. Why have you been hiding from the world for the past few weeks?”

"Long story." He shrugged, trying to brush off the question.

"I have time." Clint said, almost glaring down Gabriel.

Fuck. Of course Clint would have to insist. Gabriel sighed, staring at nothing in particular for a while and trying to put off answering for as long as he could.

Clint stepped forward, crowding Gabriel until the angel was against the wall and Clint was standing in front of him. “Gabriel, I swear to god if you don’t tell me I will punch you again.” He was worried about him, okay? And maybe his worry came out in anger sometimes.

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"Oh really? Why would I leave when I could keep annoin’ ya?"



"And here I thought it was impossible to hate someone this fast."

"Clearly ya ‘aven’t lived yet." Clint laughed, smirking at the girl in front of him. He didn’t even know her name, but he didn’t think he wanted too anymore. It ruined the effect.

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today a dude slammed my finger on accident because he was closing a metal drawer i had my fingers in and i was on drive through and i literally screamed into the headset and the lady just kept ordering her drink as i was trying to hush down three different LOUD MEN SAYING “OH MY GOD WHAT DID HE DO TO YOUR HAND”

she just kept going 

i screamed into a headset and she just kept going



Clint’s knuckles were white from gripping his dagger as tight as he was, but when Steve touched his hand they uncurled a little. Relaxing in the presence of his friend.

Even though he knew that he should be angry at him, but he didn’t even know why.

The archer chuckled, but it sounded a little more on the hysterics side. “Can’t escape him. He’s always there, everywhere. I’ve tried before.” SHIELD, every hideout he had, and apparently not even Tony’s tower was safe. Clint still didn’t look up. He was scared that if he did Loki would be there. “Never safe. Never, never, never.”

Even as he said this though, he let his dagger drop into Steve’s open hand near him, trusting him that he wouldn’t need it later. He assumed that was what he wanted, anyway. That’s what they wanted when this happened at SHIELD.

Feeling the hand clenched around the dagger relax under his touch, Steve managed to hold back a sigh of relief. He wanted to help Clint, but if it came to his being physically violent, he had no real desire to either put himself in harm’s way or have to hurt the other man trying to defend himself.

Steve dropped a little lower into his crouch, leaving Clint’s hand on his chest but reaching out to touch his shoulder. “Clint? Look at me… you only have to move your eyes a little to see me, but I need you to look at me, okay?” he urged gently. “You are safe. You are safe here with me or any of the others. We care about you, Clint… you’re our friend. And we will do anything to keep you safe. I promise, you are safe here with me.”

Catching the dagger with a bit of surprise, Steve sighed. He gently pressed the hilt back into Clint’s hand. “Just put it away. It makes you feel better to have it, right? So keep it, but just put it away.”

Clint squeezed his eyes closed, not wanting to look up, but Steve sounded so sincere. It was hard not to want to believe him. He glanced up at him, not moving his head because that just made it more possible to see Loki. He knew he was there he could feel it.

"Doesn’t stop him from being here." The archer said quietly, as he took his dagger back, a little surprised that Steve was letting him have it again. "Could be here, could be in my room. Could be right behind us." Clint’s breathing hitched again, but he put the dagger away like Steve asked even though everything in his being wanted him to keep it out.

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Karen Gillan @ the Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere in LA (July 21, 2014)

(the excited kiss thing) Bruce makes a brief shocked noise because he's kissing back without another moment's hesitation. "Forgot why you're excited but keep being excited," he murmurs.

Clint had been the one that had kissed him, sure, but he also wasn’t expecting it to be that long, or for Bruce to kiss back.

When he finally did pull away, he laughed softly at Bruce’s words. “Yeah, I forgot too. This is more important though.” He insisted as he leaned in for another kiss.